Module pcsc

Data Types


disposition() = leave | reset | unpower | eject

Action to take at the end of a transaction or connection.


protocol() = t0 | t1 | raw | direct

The ISO7816 protocol in use to communicate with a particular card. The direct protocol, if given to pcsc_card:command(), will trigger the use of SCardControl to send a reader-directed command.


rdrname() = binary()

The unique name given to a particular PCSC card reader on the system.


rdrstate() = unknown | unavailable | empty | present | exclusive | inuse | mute

State flags which show the current status of a PCSC card reader.


sharemode() = shared | exclusive | direct

The "share mode" for a card or reader connection, which determines whether there can be other connections open to this same card at the same time (and therefore transactions are required to "lock" the reader). The direct sharemode can be used to send APDUs directly to the reader itself.

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